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Inspire A Generation

There was a time in America when we believed we could achieve any dream. There is a project that will inspire our teenagers and young people internationally to believe in the future and to recapture a lost dream. It is the largest and most dynamic communication project ever designed especially for young people. It amalgamates entertainment, education and values on an unprecedented scale.TEENAGE WORLD'S FAIR

A vision of the future which inspires confidence and encourages young people to pursue excellence.A special world designed with an interactive format that allows teens to discover and be discovered.Hence, four project goals can be identified:

1. Entertain
2. Inspire
3. Educate
4. Reward

Share A Vision ... A Special Invitation
America's future is bleak ...

...unless we inspire this rising generation to embrace the values and ideals of our forefathers. Lying at the root of most of the ills of our young people are a lack of spiritual values, low self-esteem, and despair over future opportunity. The failure of our educational system to meet the contemporary needs of America's youth compounds the problem at a critical juncture in our nation's history.

Former educator Allan Bloom, in his best-selling book The Closing of the American Mind, pointed out that students of this generation have "impoverished souls" and are sadly lacking in a comprehension of high ideals or any vision of greatness. There is but one conclusion: great thoughts and great deeds go hand-in-hand. If we cannot think them, we shall surely fail to perform them.

Leaders from every segment of our society have long acknowledged the influence and power that the entertainment industry exercises over the hearts and minds of young people world-wide. We need to do everything in our power to encourage the purveyors of entertainment, including the leaders of the film, television, and music industries, to produce projects that inspire rather than exploit our teenagers.

Distinguished film critic Michael Medved declared the following: " As one anguished mother commented to me years ago: `My resentment toward Hollywood [filmmakers] is entirely personal--because I can't escape the feeling that they're trying to kidnap my kids.' The big entertainment conglomerates continue to churn out jaded and cynical diversions that seem to go out of their way to undermine the most important values parents want to impart to their own offspring." (Michael Medved, "Saving Childhood", Imprimis, September 1998)

What is needed is a traditional values oriented, world-class entertainment/communications project produced on a George Lucas scale (creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones) films to have sufficient impact to change the state of things.


The purpose of this site is to bring to your attention a one-of-a-kind education/entertainment event designed to be the largest and most dynamic communication and values driven project ever created especially for young people: The Teenage World's Fair.

Beginning in the year 2018, the Fairs will be an annual event that will run for eight consecutive weeks during the summer. The Fairs will be produced on the Prairie Oasis Pictures Corporate Campus in facilities specifically designed to host the annual Fair attractions, special events, and related festivities. This will provide many cross-promotion opportunities between the hosting of the Fairs that will attract guests internationally and the production of feature films produced in the studios of Prairie Oasis Pictures located at the same site (see Box below for additional information).



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